Thursday, March 19, 2009


No one is on Facebook tonight, and no one is sending me email. Am I the only person without a life out there tonight? Sitting at home, feeling depressed. The death of Natasha Richardson gets me down in a way I can't explain to myself entirely. She died today, and it's a freak occurrence - what should have been no more than a mild concussion at worst turns into a brain hemorrhage, apparently, and she slips into a coma and dies. Leaving behind Liam Neeson, whom I adore, and two young sons, which breaks the heart. And they were a great couple -- she was my height, and a really reasonable weight, plus beautiful at 45 and gainfully employed, in love with her groovy husband, etc. I hate that some crazy neurological event has taken her from her family and the world of entertainment and theater; and it makes me think of my father.

But then, much worse -- I got an email tonight from my friend Georgette Sosin, of Sosin & Sosin Studio, that her beloved husband Henry has just been diagnosed with a complicated, metastatic, very bad cancer. And he is in his late seventies, early eighties, and a retired physician. It's heartbreaking. He's a potter, sort of self-taught in his retirement, and Georgette's boon companion. I feel I've never done enough to acknowledge the debt of friendship I owe Georgette. And now, it's the long haul for them. I'm not an inner-circle person in their life, but I love them both. I'm so sad. I'm meditating on ways I can be of support without getting in the way.

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