Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seven Things

For pete's sake -- I thought I hadn't posted in a century and it turns out I did it just last Friday. I'm going to jump-start my brain a little bit here by succumbing to the Seven Things trend. Here it is: Seven Interesting (or maybe not-so-interesting) Things About Jen.

1. I have two 5-inch scars, one 2-inch scar and several irregular random scars all collected on my legs (which don't look nearly as bad as they sound and make up most of my 5-foot-10-inch frame.)
2. At one time I had amassed a collection of hundreds of found notes. Found, as in located on sidewalks and in gutters while out walking around. Journal pages that had been ripped out, love notes crumpled up and tossed away, angry notes, grocery lists, directions to and from, notes passed in class, etc. At one point I just couldn't figure out WHY though, and after trying unsuccessfully to do something artistic and cohesive with them, I threw them all out.
3. Contrary to the opinion of certain friends, food really does delight me. There are certain foods I find to be at least as good as sex, if not better. In no particular order: Passion Fruit ice cream by Sebastian Joe's. Sushi, particularly Ebi and Unagi and Masago. Port wine. Very fine dark chocolate. Really smelly goat cheese. And, perfectly ripe dark cherries.
4. I made out with one of my teachers in high school.
5. I have lost count of the thousands of hours of volunteer time I have logged over the years.
6. I don't believe in True Love. At all.
7. The first car I ever drove was a Jaguar coupe. I racked it up twenty minutes later.

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