Thursday, March 19, 2009

Note to self: those Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (or whatever they're called) do not GO with a nice glass of port. Not in the same way that, say, truffles go with port. Or a good sharp cheese. Nope. Thin Mints should really only be consumed with a cold glass of milk. But I had a tamale for dinner (very late), and was casting about for dessert. Because as I've discovered previously, chocolate covered raisins from the bulk bin at the Co-op don't go with port either. And I know better than to keep the Good Chocolate around.

We had Fudge at the Chocolate Bible Study tonight that wasn't half bad. But it went down best with coffee. I don't imagine port would have been welcome at Bible Study.

I had two Guiness earlier tonight (2$ taps at Psycho Suzi's) and maybe five chicken wings. Then I went to church. Hence the need for late-night victuals. And booze.

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