Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The wind is howling, snow blankets the sidewalks in an inch or more of white that covers the exposed brown of earth beneath retreating ice. Thaw and freeze, melt and then more snow. A friend reminded me today that the sun has not appeared since Friday -- a ghostly circlet behind layers of fog and cloud at best -- and the persistence of winter is always the theme in mid-March Minnesota. My friend suggests this is the reason I don't sleep lately -- not enough contrast between Noon and Midnight to tell my body when.

Well, it's not the Northern Territories, and we exaggerate a little. Just a little. Wine consumption is up, at my place, and I suppose it disrupts the pace of dayintonightintoday just enough. I'm not sewing either, the past few days, or just barely. Instead I sit on the Internet until my head starts to bob, then tumble into bed with eyes sore from the glare of the monitor. I've asked nearly everyone I care to out for drinks or coffee. I'm looking for breaks in the monotony.

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