Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another night of wondering why I'm still awake. Listening to Craig Ferguson in the next room (I confess, I find him mostly hilarious.) Listening to my husband cackling at Ferguson, but at my limit for couch conversation at the moment (I hate our couch. It's really ready for spring cleaning -- it sucks you in and makes your back hurt -- it is to the television what kneelers are to the altar -- it defines us as a family -- I could go on...) My husband just came in to tell me that Christina Ricci showed up wearing a 40 gallon trash bag. Whether this is true or simply my husband's interpretation of fashion is a good question, and worth some hang time.

I am supposed to be working on the book page (due Monday) and a quilt (due end of month.) Just FYI.

"If you don't vote, you're a moron." Remember this? No you don't, because you hate Ferguson. "Frankly votin' is a pain in the ass, but here's the thing: It's your duty! If you can't take your hand out of your bag o' Cheetos long enough to vote, then you got no right to complain when we get President Sanjaya."

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