Monday, March 23, 2009

the day

I was supposed to post something in anticipation of World Water Day today, as a good Bloggers Unite member; alas, I did not. Instead I spent a very large portion of the past 24 hours slogging through box office tally sheets for the spiritual theater festival, which ended a couple of weeks ago, in preparation for today's Part One of Board-level festival debriefing. Not a happy use of my time, but necessary, like all the other financial unpleasantness in my life right now.

I also had a killer workout biking to and from downtown for the meeting -- the wind is ripping out of the southeast today, and I ride a heavy bike, especially when it's loaded down with 35 pounds of file folders and etc. I'm already stiff, nervous about tomorrow's aches and pains. But I just got the bike out this weekend, and after a four-month hiatus I'm determined to burn off some winter funk.

What can I say about water? That I should probably have consumed more of it during the ride. That pollution and depletion of major aquifers should be a sin of progress that ranks with global warming in the popular conscience. That out in Nevada it doesn't just come with your dinner plate when you dine in a restaurant; you have to ask for it, and they charge you, because the desert is getting bigger all the time. And they don't give you ice, either.

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