Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I sleep, but my heart stirs...

I picked up a stand-alone interpretation of the Song of Songs at Luther Seminary the other day, which fell into my hands even as I was watching my days for a chance to dig into my Bible and refresh my memory of those verses. The particular verse (below) has now been transformed into semi-transparent strips of fabric with my handwriting superimposed over them, being sewn down upon and woven into the piece in progress. (See photos: the first is 'poem in a rubbermaid container;' the second shows a few strips laid out and partially tacked down.)
Speaking of restless hearts; looks like my son is having a busy night, in his sleep. Poor kid has probably in inherited both his mother's over-active dream life and his father's tendency to talk in his sleep. A few minutes ago I heard him casually declare some statement of fact, and when I walked into his room he appeared about to get out of bed. He saw me, and spoke my name; I said "what are you doing?" to which he answered "I don't know," and laid down again, and closed his eyes. Oh dear. Sometimes what I most want in the world is for my kid to sleep soundly.
I can smell the basement lately -- despite all the open windows, sometimes this house is too small. Especially at night, when we close everything tight. But I digress. I suppose this whole post is a digression. More to come after a busy and interesting weekend, but as someone reminded me recently, 1am is a little late to be up and around. Not sleeping, due to my restless heart.

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