Monday, July 14, 2008

What shall I cry?

I'm wading through the grad school application. Let it be said that I waited until after the deadline to start this, very nearly intentionally; and still the Admissions assistant said "oh that's fine, we'll work with you." I thought this might be divine intervention, at first; but my buddy Dean says it's because the seminary has 27 applicants for every 50 available openings. Ah, yes. SO, now I'm revising my Vocational Statement. Revising and revising and revising. Because they want to know, in one or two pages, what business I have applying to seminary. And I am an expert at filling up the exact word-count limit for any assignment. Brevity is not my thing. I must work at this. Plus, the Director of Admissions says he'll consider letting me in without a bachelor's degree. But there's no place in the application to make a case for it. So, I feel I must at least reference the issue in my Vocational Statement. How come I never got a BFA? Because art school is an incredible waste of money and time -- and I should know, having wasted PLENTY of both. No, I'm not writing that.

Actually, I'm not working on it RIGHT now (obviously), because I've had about two glasses of wine and I'm sure, certain, that not only is my brevity switch set to OFF but I'm also in danger of being pointless and emotional. Not to mention prone to bad grammar and excessive punctuation. And all those unnecessary adjectives that my husband likes to complain about. I tell him hey, I'm an Artist: I'm all about description. He doesn't buy it for a second. He reads academic papers for a living and he knows self-indulgence when he sees it.

OK, I should eat something.

What shall I cry, Lord?

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