Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a passionate fool am i

the thing about this Desire project (a good project gone bad, which has taken over my sewing room and required me to spend literally months learning new techniques as I go), is that i'm obsessed with it now. and isn't that always the way: the passionate head-first affair that winds itself up in an ever-tightening coil of single-minded intensity. until Blam! all that pent-up craziness, the soaring expectations and the greedy lust, fly apart from internal forces too out-of-control to contain. this project is already careening down the path of self-destruction, but i don't care! i've given it a title: "Song of Songs (Epiqumew)." and after i solve just a few more formal problems, add a little more quilting and beading, maybe just one or two more lines of text...it'll be perfect. right?

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