Saturday, July 12, 2008


Just arriving at the office after lingering too long at home this morning. Such a breezy cool morning, after an evening of violent storms that in the end did no real damage in Northeast.

As happens when I wait too long to leave on a Saturday, I was already anxious on the ride over here, worrying for no reason about leaving the guys on their own. As I was unlocking the church door, a man of indeterminate age approached me on the sidewalk. "Do you work for the church?"

Charles was obviously looking older than his years, too thin, missing teeth. He'd been here before and spoken to one of the pastors. He needed to use the phone, to borrow some money for a bus pass.

After the phone call we chatted a little. His medical condition is his biggest concern -- he has a failing liver. As the conversation progresses, we talked about platelets and esophogeal bleeding, visiting the methadone clinic around the corner, not having a roof over his head... I noticed a few things as he spoke, and surmised that he probably has AIDS, or is at least positive. So I did what I could, and then he went on.

Now I'm in my office with the music turned up. The SDA congregation that uses our church on Saturdays includes many small children, and they're always yelling, crying -- tired of church, no doubt. I'm sure parents care for them; but I get so tense with the crying, wanting to find out what's wrong and fix it, no matter how small the concern. It's easier just to turn up the music, God knows there are enough responsible adults in the building right now.

Time to start the bookkeeping. I didn't sleep well last night, because H. didn't; we all stayed in bed until 9am as a result. Another reason I'm so late. Already exhausted with this day, but I'll have to get over it -- :-) As Charles said, it could be worse.

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