Monday, July 14, 2008

Las Legitimas y Acreditadas

Kraft Easy Mac, Mission brand Cilantro-Lime Tortilla Triangles and a bottle of VitaWater. MMMmmm. Dinner.

On a related note, I'm a big fan of Ines Rosales' sweet olive oil crisps -- "Las legitimas y acreditadas tortas de aceite de Ines Rosales" -- sold in Lunds stores and co-ops and whatnot. A thin, crisp pastry with a little sugar and a touch of fennel. Comes in an oily white wax-papery wrapper, sold five or six to the package. I've started saving the wrappers, like Tootsie-Pop Indians, and maybe I'll do something clever with them. (See the experimental little quilt above, made from upholstery, fabric scraps, printed cotton, felt, magazine clippings and Tootsie Pop wrappers. Old item here. not so successful, but fun.)
Warning: Mission chips are liberally coated with black pepper too, and endow one with the Breath of Unbelievable Potency. Here, have a sucker. I always keep a few of them around.

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Anonymous said...

Bought sweet olive oil crips in Naple Florida. I am now hooked on them but don't know where to buy them in the Columbus ohio area. Can anyone help.