Sunday, July 13, 2008

My house smells like onions.
I did three loads laundry this morning and hung them on the line; but if I don't get those clothes put away, pretty soon they'll smell like onions.
Hangover Man made jambalaya today, and didn't even get to eat any. A sad tale.
He went to bed at 8 o'clock.
I hope he really is Hangover Man (serves him right) and not Contagious Man.

A long time ago, an artist whose name was I think Gwen Avant created an installation for an art show I produced, which involved many many many many yellow onions, and a typewriter. The onions were in a semi-enclosed area, heaped in a corner and sort of spilling out across the floor. The typewriter, an old Selectric, was held up by a small metal stand. Next to it was an ancient Rolodex, the kind that really roll, with big blank index cards -- the viewer's task was to consider the memories or thoughts evoked by the pungent onions and their papery skins, and type those onto the index cards. An additive process, simple but enjoyable, with the smell of onions and the clacking of the typewriter keys. But I digress.

Someone to the east of us is having a big fireworks display on a Sunday night. I can feel it in the floorboards, though I can't see anything since our house is perched on the side of a hill that slopes west.

In other news...the cursor is finally working again, and I can select items in the post composer pane as well as move my cursor from sentence to sentence. It was weeks, WEEKS, where the damned thing wouldn't work in Explorer for much of anything. What's up with that? At least it's fixed. Like a bad cold that you finally shake.

Which brings us back to Hangover Man. With any luck these hangovers will become a common consequence (for the first time in his life, and him in his forties). Maybe it'll inspire him to cut down a little. I hope. That way I might get some sleep, instead of dividing my nights between comforting my recently nightmare-prone son and listening to my husband snore like a jackhammer.

Ok, time to get back to the grad school application. Where am I applying, you might ask? Click here for more info.

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