Monday, July 7, 2008

watermelon man

Inspired by our trip to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market early Sunday morning, H. and I sewed up a quick project later that day. His drawing and writing are a little rusty (he's been the Read-O-Matic for the past few months now), so this was a good creative refresher.

He's watermelon-crazy this summer, and just as the crowd and the noise level started getting him down at the market, he spotted a Black Diamond. (In case you didn't know, that's a very dark stripe-less watermelon, very sweet.) The vendor had cut one open, a round rose of melon flesh about ten inches wide, and H. went for it with both hands. Stop! (He's still learning about food handling.) But the sight of it woke him up to the wonders of the market, and when we got home he was rewarded with a pile of juicy melon hunks. I snapped a few photos, and we printed one onto an EQ Inkjet Fabric Sheet. He also drew a little picture, of the Black Diamond, and included a nearby ant marching forward with greedy determination. That was done in colored pencil, marker and watercolor crayon right onto another fabric sheet, and we sewed both down onto his favorite green bug fabric, with a sheet of Timtex to stabilize it. H. helps me with the sewing, raising and lowering the presser foot and choosing thread color and trims. After about an hour, we had it done. Voila!

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