Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a wish for us

All itchy and woozy from drinking too much coffee too close to bedtime -- now I cannot sleep, though I feel pretty strung out, and some dipshit across the alley is popping off bottle rockets at 11 o'clock at night. The coffee is my fault though -- I know better than to substitute caffeine for dinner. Certain friends had complications today far exceeding mine -- one is taking a new anti-seizure med to counteract a movement disorder that keeps her awake all night, and she came in to work with an admittedly drunken demeanor. She felt so embarrassed, and apologized several times. She says her body is supposed to adjust quickly, and I hope for the sake of the other drivers that this is so.

I just heard a creepy sound, like an exhale right behind me. I think it's snoring, and accoustics. Yes, I'm jumpy.

My other friend had a headache, a sadly regular occurance, and I empathized -- I just hate that veil of discomfort and distraction that falls between one's eyes and mind, and the rest of the world, with a bad headache. So, two people trying to function normally despite a head full of goldfish. My excuses for lack of productivity weren't as good, though I did accomplish a few things today.

The house is shut up against prowlers and possible rain. I wish we had a second story, just for warm, humid nights like these -- it was always a pleasure to sleep in the fresh air. I hope it does rain, for the sake of the plants -- and maybe the brains, all of us pickling in various states of ailment.

Give me a hot tub in the yard, give me a salty margarita and quiet, quiet. Me and my friends, all soaking our bones until our cares are washed away and the days and nights begin again to count just the right number of hours in each.

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